Apr 20, 2018

What is a Chakra? What is the Chakra Healing Series?

A chakra is an energy wheel used for healing in the Vedic tradition. There are 7 wheels, or energy centers, along the spine which are the most common. There are many energy points in the body, but these 7 are the ones we focus on to heal the astral, or energetic body. It's always a good practice to check in with these centers, as energy can become stagnant in one area, or chakra. I tend to do chakra meditations, but felt it was time to reconnect with art and work on the chakras as well. I will be creating a 7 page chakra journal, or series for the next 7 weeks. It's a great time to try something new, and art has always been one of my favorite ways to express myself. If you would like to join me, grab a sheet of paper, or a journal and let's get started!

In my journal, every prompt I do will be for one Chakra, therefore the page will be monochromatic, to a certain extent. I want to give as little direction as possible and color is very important to each chakra. At the end we will have 7 pages, and these pages can be used as a method of meditation. It is up to you how to house them. I oftentimes frame my pages, which allows me to display them and change them whenever I feel necessary. You can even put them in a binder, or even better, use a playing card! That way you can carry them around and use them as necessary during the day. I digress, do what you like, in any size, and in any medium. It is up to you, and for you, so make it special.

Here are the tools I am using to balance my Muladhara.

Color: RED. I've been trying to meditate on the color red while focusing on the root area, or base of the spine.
Mantra/Meditation: Lam. I have been chanting this Bija Mantra. Here's a video for proper pronunciation.
Music: I'm listening to Steven Halperin's "Chakra Suite". I basically listen to the whole CD, and the root chakra on repeat for a while.
Asanas: I'm doing butterfly pose, squat leading into chair, and pelvic rotations. Please note I have a regular yoga and meditation practice and I've incorporated these things into it, and have substituted others. Feel free to use any of these things with which you are familiar and comfortable. Perhaps even become curious, be like a child and feel.
Art Prompt: Use one of the 3 affirmations below to feature on your "page", and use the color RED.

- I trust in the power of life.
- I feel safe and at home in my body.
- I am sustained and nourished by nature.
Choose whichever speaks to you.

Head on over to my IG to take a look at my journal page and explanation of my process. If you decide to join me, I would love to see your creations!!!! Tag #ChakraHealingSeries so I can peruse and be inspired by your perspective.


Apr 18, 2018

How Mantra Helps my Downward Spiral and Depression


Wikipedia defines the Sanskrit term as the "meditative repetition of a mantra or a divine name. It is a practice found in Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Sikhism.

The mantra or name may be spoken softly, enough for the practitioner to hear it, or it may be spoken within the reciter's mind. Japa may be performed while sitting in a meditation posture, while performing other activities, or as part of formal worship in group settings."

"A Mantra being "a sacred utterance, a numinous sound, a syllable, word or phonemes, or group of words in Sanskrit believed to have psychological and spiritual powers. The earliest mantras were composed in Vedic Sanskrit by Hindus in India, and are at least 3000 years old".

A mala is a string of beads, which is used to chant the names of God. It is similar to a rosary. A mala typically has either 108 beads (a sacred number in Hinduism) or 27 beads (which is one-fourth of 108). Additionally, the mala generally has an additional bead, called the “Guru bead,” which hangs at the connecting points of the mala.

A Hindu mala is used by the right hand, generally. The mala is held with the thumb and middle finger, avoiding the index finger. The index finger represents the Ego. The right hand, and the beads are brought toward you, one by one, using the thumb. Each bead counts as one repetition of your mantra. When you get around to the Guru bead, you don’t count it, and you don’t pass it; you stop there, mentally bow to the guru.

This process is called Japamala.
If your mala is 27 beads long, you will flip the mala around, and start going back the other way, 3 more times. Each time you come to the guru bead you awaken once more, then you turn around and head back home, until you hit 108.

Type of mala is up to you. There are so many options out there! My first piece of advice is to get them from a good source.

What does that mean?

Try and get them from a correct lineage, such as SRF (Self-Realization Fellowship) or the Hare Krshna Temple. Most of my malas come from a Temple. I like that they come infused with good vibrations and prayers via the hands which made them.

After discovering the perfect mala, for you, it's time to find a mantra. Quite honestly, the mantra finds you. So don't give up if you aren't resonating with one, make it up. I did.

My first mantra was, "I am happy, healthy, wealthy and wise".

After that, I found my mantra, and many others! Traditionally, the mantra is given to you by your Guru (Teacher) when initiated into Bramachary.

But the mantra can also come by way of a song, or meme, or conversation.

We should not limit how we receive God, but focus on staying open, and accept the message.

My mantra depends on my situation, but primarily it goes between "Om Namo Narayanaya" and "Om Namah Shivaya".

These are both names for God.

My first Hindu mantra ever was a Maha Mantra, a great mantra. The Krshna mantra, is powerful mantra in guiding love into your own being, evolving Self love within, expanding one's being to unbelievable heights.

I found my spouse while chanting to Krshna.

But I wasn't even looking for one, just looking for God.

When I begin to hear the voices telling me I'm not good enough.
When I hear the voices say I'm not doing enough.
When I hear I am not worthy of love.
When I hear I am a waste...

I chant my mantra. I cling to it, like a man climbing rocks who just had a slip of hand.

I chant louder than the thoughts.

Slowly, they subside.

Sometimes I use the mala, sometimes I don't.

I usually use my mala for morning and evening prayer, but I always have them with me.

That's how powerful they are for me.

Just like with everything else, it's all experimental. Listen to what resonates within. It's always ok to say no, "this is not for me".

Remember to use your breath, deeply.

Enjoy this epic journey!


Apr 7, 2018

How To Heal Abandonment Issues

As a Yogi, telling a new story is something I was taught. Spiritual training requires that you tell a new story, a better story, one that uplifts not only spirit, but body and mind as well. That's when it hit me. The story I've been telling since I was old enough to talk about it.


Here's the story I tell -

I am an abandoned child.

My father left me and my pregnant Mother when I was 4 years old. I guess I'm a shitty person because my own Dad didn't love me enough to raise me. Instead he left my Mom, sister and I to go an raise another family. He went on and raised 3 kids, that weren't his own flesh and blood. (Bitter much?) I can't even explain the level of rejection I have felt most of my life, at least until my late 20's. Yoga helped me see things so differently, clearly.

I realized my Dad's decision to leave had nothing to do with me, and it said more about his cowardice than my pain, which I self inflicted. I realized he was human, and lost. I realized I chose him to be my Dad - so that the experience and pain would be so intense, I'd seek out healing modalities to help my broken heart. I realized suffering was optional, and boy was I attached to my pain. I had the tendency to need approval, to be liked, accepted, wanted. All of that propelled me towards Yoga and the healing community, because I was desperate. I was tired of being a victim. I was tired of that story. I wanted to be the survivor, the warrior who conquered, the Shero.

It was not easy.

It still isn't easy.

I get flashback emotional pain - even after forgiving him and myself.

"Maybe a relationship that didn’t work out" was what triggered my feelings, and Spirit. It's weird to think my relationship with my Dad didn’t work out - but that is the truth. We have an amicable relationship now, but there is no bond, it's not deep, I'm detached. 

My (new) story is of understanding parents are human, and make mistakes (which helps me with my 3 daughters because I don't want them to think of me as perfect. Ever).

A story of realization - I am supported and loved by the Universe - no matter who my parents are - I'm always being cared for.
You see, I realized that the power was within me, from the very beginning.

I realized that self love was more important than anything else.

I realized once I started loving myself, I didn't need anyone else to do it for me.

I realized this world is all Maya (illusion) and we choose to perceive it any way we want to, all it takes is focus.

I decided to change my story, for I was not abandoned, but found by the ever loving Universe/God/Energy/Most High. I was found and set on the Healer Path. I was found and set on the path of pioneering a new consciousness which began within me.

I was the spark. I was the transformer - I still am!

While it may seem strange to think the relationship with my Dad didn’t work out, it is a truth many children face.

I am consciously aware of the advancement I have made due to feeling abandoned, and know I was never truly abandoned.

Now I look forward to advancing, with a knowing I was found, to be a pioneer of healing for others.

For that, I'm grateful.


Mar 22, 2018

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda, which is Sanskrit, translates to the Science of Life. It is a healing science focusing on mind, body, and spirit. Your diet is considered one of the important therapeutic tools. By bringing harmony and balance to your diet and lifestyle you then begin to practice the preventative aspect of Ayurveda. Imagine, you have to power to heal yourself based on the foods you chose to consume.

The uniqueness in this healing science is the attention to the individual and their symptoms, causes. Everything is looked at from diet, to lifestyle. It encompasses various therapies including yoga, meditation, astrology and working with gemstones, however food and cooking play a prominent role. Food is considered to affect not only our body, but also our mind. By understanding how to prepare foods best suited for our bodies and minds, we can achieve a harmony, a balance and begin to thrive in divinity.

My intention is to bring you more information about this science. Expand your awareness about food, and being in tune with nature, because Ayurveda focuses on being a partner with nature, and the elements.

Ayurveda speaks of a universal life force which manifests as three energies, or Doshas; they are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. We're all made of a unique combination of these 3 Doshas. Most people have an abundance in one or two doshas. This combination is determined when one is conceived, and is your authentic nature. These three doshas vary based on your diet, season, environment, age, and several other factors.

The first step is figuring out your body type.

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Mar 20, 2018

Happy Equinox!

The Divine Feminine is here and she is ready to meet her children.